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About Gurukula Public School

Gurukula at a Glance

At Gurukula Public School education is a holistic learning experience. Efforts are made to help each child to develop attributes and qualities of head and heart, which will make him/her a self-reliant citizen and a fine human being, socially aware, compassionate, having pride in our country and belief in the concept of international brotherhood, a person ready to work as an agent of change for building a more reliable society than just a society. The performance of a student is analyzed on a regular basis based on a unique methodology along with personalized attention and continuous monitoring of growth. The teaching process is uniquely structured so as to make learning a joy and the knowledge gained, long-lasting. As a team, we always endeavour to ensure quality in every step we take. Which resulted in securing 100% results

Mission & Vission

Our Vision

To help every child to evolve into a friendly, compassionate and considerate individual, capable of coming to terms with complexities of day to day life. To identify and nurture the potential and special aptitude in the child, in a congenial environment.

Our Mission

  • To help children dream and equip them with an independent thinking to make those dream come true.

  • To light the fire to strive for excellence and become lifelong self-learners.

  • To develop a scientist’s mind, a sportsman’s body, an artist’s eye and a pilgrim's soul.

  • To create world citizens with strong native roots.

Our Motto

Reach Out!

Reach High!

Reach Beyond!